These photos were taken on the last day of school at Oconee, near Dalton, on March 27, 1908. A "dinner on the ground" was given with all pupils, their teacher, Jake Previtt, former students and a few parents attending. The entire group, with the women in their long skirts and middy blouses, the men in their suits, with white shirts featuring high, stiff, rounded collars, are shown as they prepare to partake of the food, which is on cloths on the ground. In the photo above, the six boys in front, left, are from left, Robert (Buster) Rogers, Roy Casey, Pete Rice, Homer Rice, Henry Previtt and Homer Higgins. On the second row are, from left, Bertha Weaver, Cassie Casey, Ethel Crawford, Dena McCallister, Blanch Marshall, Mabel Higgins, Winnie Toney (behind Mabel), Willie Previtt, Stella Marshall, Lula Weaver, Connie Weaver, Audrey Casey, Virgil Stanfill (behind Audrey), Mae Rice, Eddie Casey, Rector Johnson, Gus Foster, Jake Johnson, Ray Foster, Leonard Casey,Homer Crawford, Gus Roach and James Marshall. Third row, fromm left, Lillie Crawford, Minnie Crawford, Janey Roach, Leslie Rice, Fannie McCallister, Ray Downey, Bertha Crawford, Taylor Stanfill (holding slate), Effie Toney, Marlin Stanfill, Amburs Marshall, Earl Casey, Lee Casey, Seph Crawford. Back row, from left, Willie Roach, Walter Crawford, Donald McCallister, Charlie Stanfill, Zesker White, John Roach, Hamp Roach, Lydia Casey, Ora Toney, Jake Previtt, the teacher (holding flag), Lillie White, Sallie Rice, Hattie Rice, Lennie Rice, Martha Stanfill, Dona Broom, Lee Crawford, Myrtle Crawford, Mollie Crawford and Lerona Crawford. The three men at back are Madison White, Tom White and John Jackson. Corbet Decker and Earnest Johnson are also in the photo. Several unidentified visitors are also in the far rear.

Ravenden Springs school taken in 1905. My dad Arthur Lane and mother Virlie Rogers is there in the front row. (Jerry Lane)

It would be an interesting list indeed if it were possible to produce one which listed all the teachers of the county for the first fifty years of its existence. This is impossible. The meager list named above covers about all the known ones for this period. The period from 1860 until 1910 produced many fine educators for Randolph County. The list is too long to name all, but below we have a partial list of these. If there are those whose names should have been listed are not found herein, we wish to assure the reader that they were not intentionally omitted.
Here are the names of about forty of those which we can think of who belong to this list: W. T. Bispham, Prof. and Mrs. Tilford, Prof. Hogan and Mrs. Hogan, W. T. Stubblefield, S. A. Eaton, S. L. Johnston, William Henry Johnston, C. James Dalton, Ben F. Spikes, L. D. Hum, Mrs. Surridge, J. L. Williford, W. E. Hibbard, J. T. Lomax, J. H. Skaggs, Martha Redwine Johnston, J. A. Ryburn, Nannie Wisner, C. E. Witt, Lula Witt, Tom W. Campbell, James Campbell, Kate Skinner, Henry Ator, H. M. Bishop, C. D. Bishop, J. Q. Pond, J. s. Anderson, Lucy Hill, Chas. H. Carter, John L. Fry, J. A. Galbraith, Sol M. White, Katie Jones White, Kate Hogan, James Wheat, Mrs. Lilly Roberts, Anna Jones, and Tell Thompson.